Information About the Tru-flo Valve

Tru-flo is a uniquely designed slide valve that connects to the hub (funnel) end of a Foley catheter that has been placed in a patient. Using this special valve will create a more normal and convenient method of urinating without the necessity of having a urinary collection bag strapped to the patient's leg. Implementation of this device will provide more mobility and freedom to the patient, and will give them control as to when and where to drain their bladder.

The tru-flo valve is small; less than 2" long and approximately 1/2" in diameter, which allows for easy concealment and yet is easy for older patients with limited dexterity to manipulate. It has a positive shut-off feature and a unique external sealing design that is easy to wipe clean and thus reduces, if not prevents, urinary tract infections.

A patient trial test has been run with prototypes and the results were very positive. There was no urinary tract infection and the patients commented as to how easy and convenient the valve was to use. The patients were also very pleased that they did not have to wear and deal with the urinary collection bags normally associated with a Foley catheter.

leg bag alternative - Tru-flo valve

The "Quality of Life" catheter valve!
  • Keep your freedom
  • No more bags!
  • Play sports..Be active
  • Sleep comfortably
  • Wear shorts
  • Feel normal
  • Enjoy life!


alternative to a urinary leg bag